Below is the list of all Town of Hayward Ordinances.

Ordinances that are listed but not accessible on line are available to view at the Town Hall

Table of Contents

Number  Title/Topic
All Ordinances–combined document
 12 Granting easement to Robert A Anderson
 19 Establishing a Stop Sign at Wittwer Street
 2-92 Highway
 96-01 Weight Limitations
 96-02 Placing Injurious Substance on Highway
 96-04 Regulation of False Fire Alarms
 96-05 Highway Excavation
 98-01 Official Traffic Map and Control Devices
 98-02 Town Road Name Changes
 03-2 Order of Transfer
 05-2008 Order of Transfer (Bostoni Rd. & Green Lake Rd.)
12 Regulating the Use of Snowmobiles within the Limits of the Town of Hayward
17 Setting closing time for Parks & Public Accesses
04-2007 Restricting Swimming, Water Skiing, Aqua Planing Behind a Motor Board, Operation of Personal Water Craft, and Similar Activities on Specified Lakes within Town of Hayward
1-99 Snowmobile Access
2-99 Snowmobile Route
2-05 All-Terrain Vehicle Route – Amended to include 11-2010
06-2007 Town of Hayward Recreational Forest Rules
03-2009 Water Activity Restriction for Osprey Lake
11-2010 All-Terrain Vehicle Route – (SEE # 2-05)
 No Number Dump Regulations
 00-1 Town Plan Commission Code of the Town of Hayward
 1-01 Ordinance to be added to the General Ordinance & Bylaws
 1-02 Plat & Subdivision Review
 02-2007 Town of Hayward Planning Commission
 05-2009 Right to Farm Acknowledgement
 06-2009 Driveway and Private Road
 01-2010 Highway Overlay District
10-2010 Building Permit
01-2013 Private Road Ordinance
10 Establishing a monthly Parking Permit Fee for Mobile Homes and Regulating Mobile Home Parks
21 Establishing a monthly Parking Permit Fee for Mobile Homes and Regulating Mobile Home Parks
18 Regulating the Off-Premise Sale of Intoxicating Liquors by Class B Retailers
22 Uniform Dwelling Code
23-91 Issuance of Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances
26-91 Issuance of Provisional Operators’ Licenses
27-91 Voter Registration
2-03 Establishing Police Department
4-03 Repeal & Recreate the Provisions adopting the State Traffic Code
1-05 Local Room Tax
01-2007 Code of Ordinances
03-2007 Defining Offenses Against State Laws Subject to Forfeiture
05-2007 Town of Hayward Licensing Requirements
04-2009 Adopt the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Hayward
07-2009 Annexation -Re Marshfield Clinic Hwy 63 South
10-74 Use of Firearms, Airguns and Other Weapons
24-91 Regulating and Controlling of Dogs
4-99 Public Nuisance
1-94 Recycling Ordinance
96-06 Recycling Ordinance
10-14-2008 Town Recreational Forest – Management Plan & Mission Statement