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Welcome to the Town of Hayward!

Welcome to the Town of Hayward official website. Here you can check Planning Commission, Park Committee, and Town Board minutes and find out local information such as dump hours, building and permit information, town departments and election information.


About us

The Town of Hayward is located within Sawyer County and borders the City of Hayward.  The Township is comprised of approximately 76 square miles and around 100 miles of roadway with an estimated population of 3,660 residents for 2019.  During events and popular recreational times, the population is substantially higher.  There are three public boat launches maintained by the Highway Department.

At the Town Hall facility on State Hwy 77 there is a full time Clerk, a Highway Department of three full time employees, a volunteer Fire Department, a part time Treasurer and a Police Department with a full time Police Chief and four part time Officers.