Town of Hayward PD Information

The Town of Hayward Police Department was established in 2003 as a way to enforce local ordinances and focus on Town of Hayward matters which were previously unable to be a high priority with the call volumes and geography by the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office.  The Town of Hayward PD works closely with the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office, City of Hayward PD, and Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal PD assisting all of the agencies with calls for service and performing traffic related functions.  The Town PD’s primary responsibilities are to enforce local Town of Hayward ordinances, provide routine patrol and traffic safety, respond to calls for service from the public and enforce State Statutes.

The Town of Hayward employs a Police Department to provide law enforcement services focused on Town citizens and visitors to this area.  The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office has a high call volume for the size of their jurisdiction and the number of Deputies able to respond to different areas within the county.  The Town PD is able to handle local ordinance enforcement and respond to calls for service which could potentially free a Deputy for another call within the county.

The Police Department attempts to offset some costs and participates in State and Federally supported grants when able.  This has increased enforcement primarily in traffic-related functions with an observable difference in safer driving behaviors as a result.  From the Town of Hayward PD participating in these grants they have been awarded on multiple occasions to purchase traffic enforcement equipment.  The grants have also increased the patrol presence with the part-time Officers in receiving reimbursement for their hours worked.  This has allowed the Police Department to provide longer and more consistent Police coverage within the Township.

The goal of the Police Department is to provide local services to best serve the citizens and visitors to the Town of Hayward through as much law enforcement coverage as budgeting allocates.  The Town PD strives to be very financially conscious and responsible while striving for the most presence available.

The Town of Hayward Police Department has unique responsibilities outside of normal law enforcement to include reviewing and issuing fireworks permits,  making recommendations on liquor licenses, checking the status and following up on building permits, issuing reservations of Town facilities, assisting with drafting and recommending ordinances for enforcement and is the primary enforcement for vehicles violating the special seasonal weight limits to preserve the Town’s roadways.  The Town PD also performs property checks at the owner’s request and additional patrol for seasonal homes as well as Town owned public recreational properties.

The Police Department possesses a speed sign and deploys that in different problematic speeding areas throughout the Township.  The annual bike rodeo is also hosted by the PD to teach and encourage safe riding for youth and families on public roadways.  For special events the Police Department assists with safety planning and traffic control for events to include the Birkiebeiner, Lion’s Pre-Birkie and Chequamegon Fat Tire 40.

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